PARK Printing Solutions is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Environmentally conscious customers can trust that FSC papers are produced from responsibly managed forests following a secure chain of custody through our processes and on to them.

Ask your PARK account excecutive about including the FSC logo on your next "green" job.


We recycle paper, cardboard, plates, ink, solvent, plastic, lightbulbs and cans plant-wide. It's important! And, it's nothing new to us — we've been recycling as long as we've been printing.

We also re-purpose packing materials. A great example is the thin sheet of paper protecting each aluminum printing plate — we reuse that material to protect your print job in transit.

In launching our digital division we chose the cleanest most environmentally sound solutions. Our presses generate virtually no emissions including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). No harmful compounds are used or made during printing, clean-up or recycling.

At PARK Printing Solutions we strive to be a caring member of our community. We maintain a firm belief in the importance of education, supporting area schools, the Verona Public Library as well as Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio.

A few organizations near and dear to our hearts are the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the University of Wisconsin Marching Band and the Verona Area Community Theatre (VACT).

Did you know that the Verona Food Pantry was housed in our warehouse for over a decade?